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Hi, this is Elitus Basketball Academy!

I hope everyone is doing well during this mid-summer period.

I am currently in the U.S. for the looming NBA Summer League to not only perform my job--a B.LEAGUE assistant coach-- but also to develop my craft as a coach so I can use newly acquired tools to empower the players that I coach.

That's what I think summertime is for. As much as it is a time to refresh and enjoy ourselves, summer provides an opportunity for many people to enrich themselves and take a leap to the next level.

Speaking of the next level, Elitus Basketball Academy took the next level to become an even better basketball academy in the last few months. Our Assistant Director Coach Tone Gibson had a great opportunity to not only attend a Jr.NBA Coaches Clinic but also assist as a coach for the player's clinics.

During the early part of June, I personally was able to return to the field and directly instruct our players. It was quite refreshing as I was able to remind myself of why I do this. Coaching high-performance athletes is quite a privilege, but it's always great to remind myself that even those athletes had to go through the youth stage to become what they are today. It's absolutely an honor to pave the way for young athletes to learn and become successful basketball players and people.

As an extension of the events in early June, I was also given the opportunity to partner with MCCS Okinawa Semper Fit and host a series of basketball clinics on Camp Foster Marine Base. We are planning to host another during the end of July and we are in conversations to provide more top-tier basketball skills instruction for both the military and local community.

Lastly, I will be introducing new coaches to the Elitus family. Many on the Elitus AAU club team's side have already met Support Coach Mao Akamine. She has shown her presence in a few of our scrimmages and official tournaments. We will also have a new addition in Volunteer Coach Yoko Adaniya-Nishida, a former pro player and coach in the WJBL. We at Elitus are always looking for qualified coaches but better yet, better people. I think many parents and players will love what they both bring to the table. I also believe that they will contribute enormously as I envision the next evolution of the Academy.

As I return my thoughts to the Academy itself, Kaneku Gym will now be permanently closed for the next couple of years as Kadena Township starts construction on a brand-spanking new facility. We will be introducing new practice locations such as Katsuren and perhaps Awase Community Center in the near months. I understand that these new events may inconvenience many of you but I promise that our service and commitment remain the same. We will continue to try and problem-solve so we can provide elite instruction in more convenient settings.

Thank you kindly,

Jo Kurino

Founder/Executive Director

Elitus Basketball Academy

*If you are seeking the best place to receive the BEST American-styled basketball training and better, always keep us in mind. Please contact us at if you want to learn more.

*We also offer introductory discounts so be sure to tell a friend!

【For Members】

If you are having your young player participate this month, please don't forget to email to notify us of your desired lesson plan. We will send you an online invoice for payment.

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