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エリータスアカデミー8月のカレンダー | Elitus Academy August Calendar

Hi, this is Elitus Basketball Academy!

How has the summer been for everyone? Elitus Basketball Academy has been active in the last month with me returning to Japan to lead the MCCS Basketball Clinics, and Coach Tone and Coach Mao leading Elitus Okinawa AAU Dynasty to the club's first-ever victory in an official tournament. We as an organization would like to use this experience to catapult itself and make an impact in JBA U15 Junior Winter Cup qualifiers that will start on August 26th next month. We have a young group of players that are eager to work and the camaraderie between players, and even more parents, has been at an all-time high.

With our motivated coaches and aspiring players, it truly is an exciting time to be a part of Elitus; whether it be an academy student or a player on the club team.

As an alternative to Kaneku Gym, which closed permanently in June, we are experimenting with two new gyms during the month of August. In order to keep our practices in the Central Okinawa area and cater to the needs of parents and players near the Kaneku area, we will be introducing the Yomitan Physical Education Center. As an extension to trying Urazoe Gym in the previous months, along with accommodating our club team members in the southern area of the island, we will also give Nishihara Town Gymnasium a try.

Since the close of Kaneku and with the addition of new coaches, we will be ever-evolving. There will be tweaks to our planning. We are even planning to introduce some new classes in new locations with new coaches. Please bear with us as we go through the transition.

I kindly ask you all for your continued support and cooperation,

Jo Kurino

Founder/Executive Director

Elitus Basketball Academy

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