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【栗野代表がJBA S級コーチ養成講習会を受講】

We would like to announce that Elitus Academy Director Jo Kurino participated in the JBA's (Japan Basketball Association) S-Class Coaching License training workshop in July.

The JBA establishes a Coaching License system and coaches in each respective category must possess a license that matches their level of competition. The lowest level is the E-Class license, going up in the order of D, C, B, A, and then the S-Class license; which is the highest achievable Coaching License. This license is also required to become a Head Coach at the B.League B1 level. There are only a few more than a hundred coaches that have this distinction. The License is also equivalent to the FIBA LEVEL 3 Certification.

Kurino will not only share the acquired knowledge back to Okinawa but also aim to give back to all players and coaches throughout Japan!

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