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栗野 譲 代表

(くりの じょう)

About Elitus Academy Okinawa

Hi there! I'm Jo Kurino, representative of Elitus Academy. Welcome to the Elitus Basketball Academy home page!  I serve as the main basketball instructor for the Okinawa location.



As I reflect on my career, I gained competitive experience playing the game in the home of basketball America, and then had to the opportunity to play professionally for 15 seasons in Japan's Top Leagues. I not only want to teach what I learned from the JBL, bj League, NBL and the B.League in Nagoya City but I also would love to do so in Okinawa also. 


Okinawa is one of Japan's major hoops hotbeds. There have been numerous school-boy stars and professionals that have come from the island. Okinawa basketball is also known for its distinct playing style. Lastly, with the large U.S. population in Okinawa, the region is very diverse culturally and there's no need for Japanese players to go to the U.S.。I will embrace such characteristics and coach primarily in English; this making our practice environment a global one where all athletes can learn basketball in a culture-academic environment.