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At Elitus, each participant will be seen and given personalized request to complete each drill. You will receive professional level coaching is great attention to detail. There are also various training provided aside from basketball fundamentals. 

When you become a member, you are able to receive discounts from our sponsor/partners that provide special benefits. We also provide e-mail blast services and invitations to special events.

You will be able to experience practices and drills that are done throughout the world and at the professional level. Our director Jo Kurino and our coaching committee work to provide the best concepts to learn the game. 

Our Academy staff periodically draft report cards for all member participants! Yes, our instructors are always looking and will provide advice, while keeping track of your progress.

We use technology to be more efficient and effective.  We make good use of our smartphone and other portable devices to record practices, analyze shooting techniques and share information regarding drills, and tips electronically.

Our philosophy is about "Uniqueness", "Leadership", "Challenging" and "Teamwork". Elitus is not only about the athlete but the whole person.

ELITUS IS FAMILY!We work to communicate regularly and host get-together events 1~2 times a year. Once a Elitus player, always a Elitus player.

The guest appearances are actually better than the daily grind! We use our connections and resources to not only bring in basketball players and coaches but people from other genres that can help our players improve

Elitus values customer and student input.  We believe in constant growth and strived for improvement as an Academy and organization.

Middle School

Player Parent

Elitus Academy Okinawa

I recommend Elitus when it comes to individual skill development.

However, we had a great opportunity seeing and feeling the heigh, speed and skill of a professional player.


Have Kurino-san share his knowledge and experience is very stimulating!


The instruction was mainly in english but the players were stimulated by ear and I appreciated how the kids tried to understand things as they went along. 


I would love to participate again!

Elementary School

Player Parent

Elitus Academy Okinawa

Jo taught the children very simply and diligently! He spoke in both english and Japanese so there were no learning barriers for the kids.  Will come again!


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